2024 VIP Savings Card (NEW)

2024 VIP Savings Card (NEW)

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Get discounts and special offers in El Paso, Texas for a whole year!

Accepted at over 1,000 local businesses in El Paso, Juarez and Las Cruces. The VIP Card has been a well known program in our community since 2010. Schools, families, and businesses of El Paso love our awesome discount program!

Here's How It Works

The VIP Card is a simple to use discount program. Your card can be used for an unlimited amount of times before its expiration date. Same concept as a coupon, but in a card! Follow these steps:

  1. Buy your VIP Card.

  2. Visit any of our 1,000+ VIP businesses in El Paso, Las Cruces, and Cd. Juarez (Listed on our site and online magazine).

  3. Just show your VIP Card at checkout. (No swiping, no PIN, nada!)

  4. Get a discount on your purchase.

  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 for the rest of the year!

IT'S THAT EASY! Just show your card, and get a discount!

The VIP Card is a benefit to our local community. Buy purchasing your card, you are helping the small businesses in our city, you are helping schools and non-profits raise money, and you've helped yourself save big for the rest of the year, a win-win for everyone!

VIP Savings is a small local business. Established in 2009, family owned and operated. We're proud of the major contributions we've made to all the independent school districts, nonprofits, and small businesses in our great city. Over $3 million dollars raised for schools and nonprofits!
From our family to yours we greatly appreciate your support for our community and our fundraisers. We love you El Paso!